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canvasClick(MouseEvent) - Method in class org.cppftw.trains.view.View
Handles click event on the canvas.
checkCollision() - Method in class org.cppftw.trains.model.Ground
Returns true, since a Vehicle moving onto the Ground is interpreted as a collision in the game.
checkCollision() - Method in class org.cppftw.trains.model.Locomotive
Returns if the Slot it's on has any collisions currently, that is, if it has more than one occupants currently.
checkCollision() - Method in class org.cppftw.trains.model.Slot
Returns if there are more than one occupants on this Slot.
click() - Method in class org.cppftw.trains.view.PortalView
Click event handler of this PortalView.
click() - Method in class org.cppftw.trains.view.SimpleView
Click event handler of this SimpleView.
click() - Method in class org.cppftw.trains.view.SwitchView
Click event handler of this SwitchView.
close() - Method in class org.cppftw.trains.model.Portal
Closes the Portal by setting the reference to the first Rail in the Tunnel to null.
close() - Method in class org.cppftw.trains.model.Tunnel
Closes both of the entrances of this Tunnel.
Coach - Class in org.cppftw.trains.model
The Coach class implements the coal wagons of the trains in the game.
Coach(Slot) - Constructor for class org.cppftw.trains.model.Coach
Creates a Coach occupying the position given by currentPlace pulling the object given by nextCoach.
Color - Enum in org.cppftw.trains.model
Enumeration type to be used for distinguishing colored stations and PassengerCoaches.
Controller - Class in org.cppftw.trains.controller
The Controller class represents the Controller in the MVC model.
Controller() - Constructor for class org.cppftw.trains.controller.Controller
Constructs a controller with empty content.
createSection(int) - Static method in class org.cppftw.trains.model.Rail
Static method that creates and connects consecutive Rails.
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