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Rail - Class in org.cppftw.trains.model
The class Rail represents simple railway sections or railway crossings, which is a A Rail has an even number of identified neighboring Slots.
Rail() - Constructor for class org.cppftw.trains.model.Rail
Creates a simple rail with two neighbors.
Rail(int) - Constructor for class org.cppftw.trains.model.Rail
Creates a railway crossing, which is a Rail with twice as much neighbors than the number of railways crossing at this point given by the parameter cross.
RailView - Class in org.cppftw.trains.view
View for the Rail class.
RailView(Rail, Direction, boolean) - Constructor for class org.cppftw.trains.view.RailView
Creates a RailView based on the given parameters.
release(Vehicle) - Method in class org.cppftw.trains.model.Slot
Removes the Vehicle given by thisVehicle from the set attribute content thus making it no longer occupy this Slot.
releasePassengers() - Method in class org.cppftw.trains.model.Station
Releases the passengers waiting at this Station and returns if there were any to release.
removeOpenedPortal(Portal) - Method in class org.cppftw.trains.controller.Controller
Removes a portal which is already opened.
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