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PassengerCoach - Class in org.cppftw.trains.model
The PassengerCoach class implements the coaches carrying passengers of the trains in the game.
PassengerCoach(Slot, Color, boolean) - Constructor for class org.cppftw.trains.model.PassengerCoach
Creates a PassengerCoach with a Color specified by color.
Portal - Class in org.cppftw.trains.model
The class Portal represents the places, also known as Slots where entrances of Tunnels can be opened.
Portal() - Constructor for class org.cppftw.trains.model.Portal
Creates a Portal without any Slots connected to it.
PortalView - Class in org.cppftw.trains.view
View for the Portal class.
PortalView(Portal, Direction, Direction, Controller) - Constructor for class org.cppftw.trains.view.PortalView
Creates a PortalView based on the given parameters.
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