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accept(Vehicle.Visitor) - Method in class org.cppftw.trains.model.Coach
accept(Vehicle.Visitor) - Method in class org.cppftw.trains.model.Locomotive
accept(Vehicle.Visitor) - Method in class org.cppftw.trains.model.PassengerCoach
accept(Vehicle.Visitor) - Method in class org.cppftw.trains.model.Vehicle
acquire(Vehicle) - Method in class org.cppftw.trains.model.Slot
Sets the Slot to be occupied by the Vehicle given by thisVehicle by adding it to the set attribute content, which contains all vehicles occupying this Slot.
addLocomotive(Locomotive) - Method in class org.cppftw.trains.controller.Controller
Adds a locomotive to the game board.
addOpenedPortal(Portal) - Method in class org.cppftw.trains.controller.Controller
Stores the reference of a newly opened Portal.
addStation(Station) - Method in class org.cppftw.trains.model.Slot
Adds a Station to the list of stations, which are next to the Slot.
arrive(Station) - Method in class org.cppftw.trains.model.PassengerCoach
Makes the passengers get off this PassengerCoach at the Station if the Station's Colour matches this PassengerCoach's.
arrive(Vehicle) - Method in class org.cppftw.trains.model.Slot
Tries to make the passengers get off the Vehicle given by the parameter vehicle at the Stations next to this Slot.
arrive(Station) - Method in class org.cppftw.trains.model.Vehicle
Makes the passengers get off this Vehicle at the Station if certain conditions are met.
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